Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Law Laydown & Da List

A couple quick notes before we get goin'...

1. Because the IMDB Top 250 relies mostly on user reviews, the rankings of movies (especially recent titles) move around quite a bit. For this reason, we will be working with a static version of the top 250 dated February 1, 2010.

Here is da list.

Any new movies that enter the 250 post-February 2010 will be viewed at our discretion. In other words, it better have a sick trailer.

2. Ratings System: Each movie will be rated on a scale of one to five Gary Buseys (one Gary Busey being the worst, five Gary Buseys being the best). In the event of a complete cinematic catastrophe, the movie will be given a "Matthew McConaughey" rating.

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